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Cloth nappies: why ?

You've probably heard of your mum, or your grandma talking about terry towelling nappies. Square of fabric they had to hand wash and dry, fold up and pin on a baby with a big safety pin. It's just how things were done before the convenience of disposable nappies came along. 
Disposable nappies are quick and easy, you take them off of the baby and throw them away, no mess, they are available in every shop. So why do so many people choose to still use cloth nappies? Well for starters, they are no longer the way your grandma remembers them. They are now easy, pre-shaped and come in a huge variety of colours and design. In addition, nearly every household has a washing machine and dryer (or line in the garden) so the days of hand washing and drying are a thing of the past.
*Some of my beautiful cloth nappies drying (and bleaching) in the sunshine*
There are many reasons why people may choose to use cloth nappies. 
Environmental: I'm sure you know where disposable nappies end up,…

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