Well hello there.....

My first every blog post.
Well this is more nerve wracking than anticipated. I suppose I should really introduce myself and explain why I decided to start a blog.

Ok, so I am Jos (nice to meet you), I am 26 years old and I am the mum of a very lively, energetic, confident and cheeky little chap called Harrison who was born in December 2015. I live in England with my fiance, our son and three cats called Pepper, Teddy and Winnie. My mum is also currently staying with us (along with her two cats Juno and Pebbles) which is great because, that woman knows how to cook !


So why have I decided to start a blog, well for a few reasons really.
For starters, I am a bored housewife, my life revolves around Harrison, housework and cooking, so how can I (attempt to) make my day to day life even a little bit more interesting....I can write about it, share funny stories, tips and tricks and the odd recipe (most commonly courtesy of my wonderful mother.

Secondly due to the way I parent (attachment parenting) I tend to read a lot of blogs for guidance and I would like to share what I have learnt about this amazing and varied way of parenting since my son has been born.

*My wonderful little boy, Harrison*

In addition, I will be using my blog as a way to keep track of all the recipes I use as I have a habit of losing the scraps of paper I write recipes on.

So I hope you enjoy reading about my simple little life.

Bye for now,
Jos x


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